Exploring the parallels between climbing mountains and mental health



After summiting North America’s highest mountain (Denali) together in 2016, friends James Frystak and Brent Seal set their sights on the Himalayas. Living with schizophrenia, Brent’s recent relapse and James' injury set them back as they do their best to assess their mountain readiness with a practice climb in Pemberton, British Columbia. 

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With just a couple of months before their first Himalayan expedition, Brent and James start feeling the pressure to train and prepare. Ice climbing and crevasse rescue practice are stepping stones to getting ready in addition to the logistics of the travels.


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With hesitation and uncertainty, James Frystak and Brent Seal head to Nepal for a practice expedition to decide whether they want to attempt to climb Mt Everest in the future. They quickly realize the expedition is about much more than just the climb. 


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